Scotland bans Fracking

Scotland bans Fracking

Frack Off.

Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) has been an issue that has interested me for some years now. I think I first became aware of it when I was invited to a talk organised by the Green Party in Stormont parliament building four years ago. The talk was by former member of the UN Expert Group on Climate Change – Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith, who had infact once worked for a fracking company but since turned her back on them when she saw first hand, the adverse effects it had on the environment. It was an awakening that was very close to home for her because would you believe it, her home became victim to it! We heard her talk and show images of fracking’s effects on the environment in Australia; her home country. I can still remember most of all, her telling us how the contaminated water in her bath was bubbling up and spewing onto her floor as a result of a nearby fracking site.

With Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith

Scotland putting a ban on this fossil fuel technique is a big move and clearly sets them ahead of the rest of the UK as being a forward thinking and proactive country.┬áIn an ideal world i’d like all of our energy sources to be renewable with zero to little waste. It’s realistic, not idealistic.


I made the jumper I’m wearing in the above pic three years ago and I’ve had people high five me and shout out to me while I’m out walking around Belfast city centre with it on. It’s definitely a widespread issue that is relevant to many countries and as such there is an uprising of protestors the world over. Even Fermanagh in Northern Ireland has had a fight against Fracking.

I’ve made a bunch of these sweatshirts and you can get one here. I like to promote science being a more fundamental part of everyday life and so I thought this would be a good way to spark conversation on energy. Whether you feel some type of way about fracking, be it supportive, unsupportive or just don’t care, it helps raises awareness of a much bigger issue and cause.

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