Laura Lacole is a successful campaigner, media personality, public speaker and businesswoman from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She can be found passionately dispelling myths and stereotypes, challenging topics she feels passionately about at intellectual debates, working tirelessly with charities and promoting Science. She first and foremost believes in speaking out publicly on the issues she champions and standing up for what she believes in.

Laura was born in working class East Belfast. She was acutely aware of the challenges and decided to pursue a career in modelling because of them, rather than despite them actively challenging outdated opinions and narrow minded views on how women should behave and express themselves. She has taken on media’s reluctance to publish topless models, in order to give it credibility in the public eye as a way of showing others it’s OK to appreciate the human form and express your sexuality.

She gradually won the public and media’s approval through her successful accomplishments being internationally published in country’s such as Australia, America, Norway and Portugal.

When attempts were made to dismiss her, Laura fought harder and slowly but surely the media and others realised what she knew all along, that hers was a rational, thoughtful and credible voice that should be heard. She has taken this approach to promoting Humanism. In 2017, she and her Husband Eunan were forced to take the Northern Ireland government to court in the first step to having their Humanist marriage legally recognised by that state. She took an immense personal risk in doing this and highlighted the inequalities that Humanists face in her own country.

She has been published in every major newspaper in the country and further afield with her work and uses the media’s interest as a platform to share her thoughts and debate on diverse topics such as sexuality and female issues.

She has debated against Guardian journalist and ‘Justice for Women’ founder Julie Bindel at Limerick University, is frequently heard nationally on radio stations such as BBC, U105 etc, has presented her views on whether ‘Women Should Trade On Looks’ live to a nationwide audience.

Stimulating conversations and articulating her views in a calm and reasoned manner has brought Laura respect in the public eye and many new and at times surprising fans. She has successfully argued her case with Andrew Neil on BBC’s “This Week”, Jeremy Vine on his BBC Radio 2 show, Newsnight, Nolan Show, Sky News, BBC News and may other national and regional radio and television stations.

She is determined to promote critical thinking, secularism and Atheism. This has lead her to be one of the founding members of Atheist NI a public opposition voice to religious fundamentalism and the first Atheist organisation in Northern Ireland.

Throughout the year she also raises awareness of men’s health issues through her role as Northern Ireland Ambassador of the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign –

Aside from modelling, debating and charity work, Laura is hugely passionate about science. Apart from her strong beliefs  and work for Humanism and Atheism, she is fascinated with Cosmology, space exploration and Astronomy. Laura is an amatuer Astronomer and member of the Irish Astronomical Association (