Filming for a secret project

Filming for a secret project


I was in London recently for a couple of exciting things. Chief Executive of Humanists UK – Andrew Copson, invited me to the launch of his new book ‘Secularism’.


Andrew Copson at ‘Secularism’ book launch


The launch event was a fascinating discussion on Secularism in the UK and the world over, giving some insight on the book which delves into what exactly secularism is, how it’s of benefit and yet under threat. I really admire Andrew’s relentless work in making the UK and further afield a better place for all.




The second reason why I was in London was to film footage for an early days project that I can’t yet talk about. I’ve mentioned before on snapchat how I endeavour to raise awareness of the issues I feel passionate about and documentaries are a great way to do that. Hopefully I can share more with you soon providing all goes well!



I just had to go comfy for this trip and this tracky is a new fave of mine. I don’t live by the motto, but I just adore the look of it.

As always, it’s from Zara but I’ve put together similar looks below.



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