Bras off to Hefner

Bras off to Hefner

Heard it through the phone line

Today I picked up my voicemails from the BBC and U105 asking if I’d come on to chat about Playboy and the death of Hugh Hefner. I hadn’t realised he’d passed until I picked up the messages. He had handed the controls of Playboy over to his son Cooper in October last year and was looking frail in recent times from what I’ve seen online. So it comes as no great surprise to us.



I’m sorry to see him go. He created a sexual revolutionary platform that gave way to an entire glamour industry and what’s more, a positive shift in public attitude to nudity and sexuality. I gave up glamour modelling a while ago now but my passion for the industry and women’s right to express their sexuality in that way remains strong. Like the bunny head, his face is synonymous with the empire he’s created. He was and will remain an iconic robed figure.



Taboo Breaking

I didn’t know him personally so I can’t comment on his character but I can about his work. Not everyone liked what he created or stood for (believe me I’ve argued against many of them on radio) but most did and I thank him for breaking nudity taboos, liberating a sexually repressed society and creating a platform that allowed and encouraged sexual expression and appreciation the world over.


So bras off to him!


P.s  As a tribute, these are some never before seen pics from my last lingerie shoot.

You can listen to my U105 interview on Playboy here.

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